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Only with gifts from companies and individuals can La Vecina accomplish its goal. The sponsors, whowork with La Vecina, are socially involved and reach out beyond the border of the Netherlands. Theywant to make a substantial contribution to the lives of disadvantaged children in the coastalColombian city of Cartagena.

Why become a sponsor of La Vecina?

La Vecina is a small-scaled foundation that works professionally. Sponsorship funds go directly toColombia and the overhead costs are low. With a small group of employees in Cartagena and a largegroup of volunteers in the Netherlands, La Vecina provides intensive support for 115 children in theform of education and care. La Vecina’s projects have a sustainable character through working withlocal authorities and Colombians.


La Vecina invests in education, nutrition, medical care and recreation for young children aged 4 to 12.
La Vecina also supports women organizing day care at their homes, and young people in the district.
For a child to follow the day program (teaching and support) the cost is $ 1600 per year.

Sponsorship Agreement:

La Vecina aspires to sustainable sponsorship. In exchange for an annual donation La Vecina providesa number of options:

• listing on the website (logo, name)
• monthly contact
• direct contact with Nathalie Rietman in Colombia

For amounts over $ 2500 La Vecina will find a suitable project. On request there will be an annualpresentation for the sponsor by Nathalie Rietman.

Are you interested in sponsoring La Vecina?

Please contact:
Nathalie Rietman (Cartagena)
Phone: +57 318-5580550

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La Vecina USA Foundation is considered by the tax authorities in the USA as a 503c organization. Yourdonation is deductible from corporation or income tax. (within the applicable rules). Furthermore,the La Vecina Foundation does not have to pay inheritance or gift tax on donations or gifts.