Hi, my name is Karlijn and I’m from the Netherlands. I have been working at La Vecina for about two weeks now. From the beginning I felt that I was really welcome. The children came to me in a very enthusiastic way and also the teachers gave me the feeling that they were happy with my assistance. For the children it’s clear from the beginning that I am just a volunteer and that I will just stay for four months. That is really important. I have a lot of respect for the teachers here. They have a lot less to teach than what I am used to in The Netherlands. I think they do a good job the way they teach. The children look happy. It seems to me that all the teachers are open for my ideas. It is special that some of my teaching methods already are used by the other teachers. That really satisfies me. It is just simple things that make the children, hopefully, even more motivated in the class. I also hope the children realise more that they can learn from each other by working together and that there will be more interaction between the teachers and the students.

The interaction between the children and me is getting better, despite of the difficulties of understanding them speaking in Spanish. It helps a lot that I know more and more names. They have to get used to the different teaching methods I use, because they are new for them. The best moment I have had until now was the celebration of my birthday. It was a lovely moment. Although I was just here for a bit more than a week, the children made something for me. They sang for me with drums and other instruments and there was even a cake with my name. I was really touched by all of this and I will never forget it. Like I will never forget these children because they are in my heart already and I will keep them there. I just hope I can contribute to a brighter future for these lovely children.