La Vecina USA

Give underprivileged children in La Boquilla, Cartagena, an opportunity for education and a better future.

Foundation La Vecina helps the community of La Boquilla providing them with basic education, child care, social and psychological support, and recreational activities.

With extra attention in small classes, the children get a good quality education and a chance for a brighter future.



Nathalie Rietman, director of Foundation La Vecina, tells why she founded La Vecina.

“There he lies in the dark, below a statue on a busy square in the centre of Cartagena, a street-kid, at the most, 6 years old. Once in a while, the headlights of cars passing by shine on his face. Nobody stops to help him.”

That´s the image that made a huge impression on Nathalie Rietman. These children need urgent help and that`s exactly why Nathalie founded the Dutch foundation in 2005.”


La VecinaLa Vecina


Volunteer Karlijn’s first impressions

Hi, my name is Karlijn and I'm from the Netherlands. I have been working at La Vecina for about two weeks now. From the beginning I felt that I was really welcome. The children came to me in a very enthusiastic way and also the teachers gave me the feeling that they...

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Emilia Volunteering with La Vecina

Hi, I'm Emilia. I'm a Finnish girl from Paris and currently volunteering for four months with Foundation La Vecina in Cartagena. Recent University graduate, I came here via an organization called Moving Worlds, which organizes business-related volunteering missions....

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What I like most about La Vecina?

What I like most about La Vecina?   JUAN MANUEL (10 years old) "They take care of me here" What I like most about La Vecina? We have a lot of fun here. We go out to play football on the patio. The teachers treat us very well. They take care of me. I want to...

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